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Curent Price

1 ETH=8000 ADBL


+20% Bonus

Live ICO Result

Total ADBL Sold
ETH Raised
74620 $
USD Raised

70 Million
Avilable For ICO(ADBL)
2.2 Million
Soft Cap(USD)
10 Million
Hard Cap (USD)
Now you can buy ADBL token with Bitcoin!
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Why Adblurb ?

Current Adverting

  • Centralised Environment

  • Scams and Frauds with Autobots and retargeting

  • High Network fees and continued Monopoly

  • No security and transparency

  • No background checking

  • Fewer rewards for affiliates and publishers

  • Poor traffic management

  • No real-time analytic or history

  • Always Middleman

  • No or okay satisfaction

  • No ideal ecosystem

Adblurb Solution

  • Fully Decentralised Environment

  • Blockchain Technology for Advertising Industry

  • Low network fees and Open for everyone

  • Transparent and Secured

  • Rewards for Microtasking and Background checking

  • Direct access affiliates and publishers

  • Real traffic always, No bots

  • Detailed Campaign Records for lifetime

  • Middleman totally vanished

  • You own your campaign 100%

  • Adblurb is open and always will be, Period.

  • About Us
  • Product Details
  • Advantages
  • Features

About Us

About Us

Adblurb is a new generation of Marketing and Advertising. All data will exist on the blockchain instead of centralized servers. Adblurb is a unique platform that allows modern and advanced marketing technique in multiple different and unique ways while providing total security and privacy.

The network will contain its very own native crypto currency to be used for all purchases, called Adblurb Coin. ADBL will be used for purchase goods and services from other users, advertisers and publishers to purchase ad spaces from the integrated ad platform, donate to crowd funding campaigns, micro tasks and much more.

Adblurb will create a gateway between advertiser and publisher via Adblurb smart-contract that make things very easy for everyone and faster too. Adblurb is not only an advertising marketplace but it helps day to day user to generate passive income by using the Adblurb platform.

Be a part of history by participating in the Initial Coin Offering.

By getting in early, you will have the chance to be the first in the world to hold Adblurb coins. As more users join Adblurb, the demand for Adblurb Coin will increase, while the total amount of coins will never exceed 100 million.

Adblurb is Future of advertising!

Product Datails

What is adblurb ?

Adblurb is the universal successor crypt currency for the Ad world based on ethereum block chain using leading-edge smart contract feature. This currency will be used for electronically connected advertising transactions all over the world, substituting the traditional values.

Adblurb uses ethereum block chain to enable people to trade and do business with trust in the trustless world with ageless transactions.

Trade and exchange Adblurb in a transparent, conflict-free way, while avoiding the services of intermediaries in the advertising world.

Adblurb coins will be used right through the Adblurb marketplace and to buy and sell advertisements and services. Impressions and clicks will be exchanged for Adblurb. These ads will be displayed on the publisher or affiliate network. The Adblurb platform will aim to be a far more affordable advertising and marketing method than other networks.



  1. Elimination of agents.
  2. No barriers to entry. Especially important for small players.
  3. Single currency. No problem in cross-border commerce. Ability to serve controversial segments: gambling, cryptocurrencies, disruptive.
  4. Equality of access to data machine learning available for small players.
  5. Market structure that makes fraud unprofitable
  6. Data available to academics to develop better algorithms
  7. Resistance to Adblockers
  8. Compatible with Coalition For Better Ad
  9. Cheap transactions
  10. Economics has done right. Dividend distribution to all token holders.
  11. No mining required.
  12. Instant secure transactions for accounts in the same cluster
  13. Ability to create instant fiat exchanges without transferring control of tokens
  14. Ready to launch multi-party, distributed and secure alternative for Tether USD
  15. Secure lightweight clients with ability to run on smartphones
  16. All platform support, Linux, MacOS, Ios, Android, Windows


  • Distribution Method
  • ADBL Coin Distribution
  • Raised Funds Distribution

Distribution Method

Adblurb is clear on what and how to spend where for Adblurb Network development. Adblurb tokens and raised fund (ETH) both will be distributed separately. On our survey, we come to know about the future expenses that may need for Adblurb in order to be the best network.

70% of ADBL Token is ready for investors to purchase while 3 months ICO period. while 30% is reserved for team, advisors, Bounty program and Adblurb Pool.

Maximum 65% of the raised fund will be used for Software development and Testing and rest will be used in Security Audits, Legal, Hardware Upgrades, Advertising.

Coin Distribution

70% of all coins are available for purchase during the ICO. A maximum of 30% of the total supply of coins will be reserved. some given to promote the product via multiple forms of digital marketing and development while some are reserved for team, advisors and Adblurb pool that will be used when Adblurb will be fully functioning. we will be implementing a "buy-back" program. This will highly reduce the probability of a day one exchange dump that happens to most new tokens that hit the market.

Here is a breakdown on where all coins will be:

Adblurb team 10% ADBL
Advisors 10% ADBL
Bounty 5% ADBL
Adblurb Pool 5% ADBL
For ICO available 70% ADBL
TOTAL - 100,000,000 ADBL (100%)

Funds Distribution

All raised funds from the ICO will be liquidated slowly to ensure no market disruptions.

Software devlopement and Testing 65%
Security Audits 10%
Legals 10%
Hardware Upgrades - 5%
Advertising - 10%
Total - 100%
Buy or sell in the Adblurb marketplace with your Adblurb coins
Tor & VPN
Plans to integrate both Tor API and a built-in VPN to the mobile and web platforms
Not just a wallet for your Adblurbs. Store and hold multiple Ethereum ERC20 standard tokens
Debit Card
Spend your Adblurbs instantly as fiat with the Adblurb debit card, built on Visa infastructure sync with Adblurb wallet
Privacy is our greatest concern, so we stop search engines from indexing anything past the login page
Constantly performing security updates and audits to make sure all data is safe and sound and able to survive outer attacks.
The Adblurb plans for moving all data and multimedia to decentralized hosting storage such as Sia or StorJ
Niche Traffic
Adblurb plateform serves best to target the reachble audience for the best traffic result
Push notifications
Get notifications directly to your device.
Cost Effective
The Adblurb is very cost effective that it allows user to get best traffic over effective price.Adblurb will charge only 1% fee.
Adblurb does not support illegal activity ads or disrespectful ads. Campaigns will have to pass through review system to ensure the credibility.
Pixel perfect, user friendly and inviting design that consumed alot coffee to perfect. Beta version is Almost ready and it will be introduced very soon.

AdBlurb ICO Informatation

  • Information
  • Bonus List
  • ICO Timeline
  • Contribution Rules


Token Information

View our crowdsale smart-contract

Role of coin/Token -Mainly ADBL Will be used Adblurb network as Payment. As digital payments and trading against ETH or BTC.

Symbol - ADBL (ERC20)

Plateform - ERC20 Compitible

1 ADBL Token= 1 ADBL Coin = 1 Adblurb Coin

Maximum supply - 100,000,000 ADBL

Available for purchase - 70,000,000 ADBL

Emission rate - NO new coins will ever be created

Unsold Coins will not be minted ever

Accepted currencies - ETH and BTC

Price - 1 ETH = 8000 ADBL

ETH Address - 0xA81dD0F3aA63e2bedA258E3D7DBB7e7f9C7C1397

Price - 1 BTC = 135000 ADBL

BTC Address - 17xJBBqVYFM3RENh4MeAj81GUM4zEto5AE

Minimum transaction amount - 0.15 ETH or 0.01 BTC

Fundraise period - 01/03/2018 to 30-05-2018

Coin Distribution - Contract will distribute coins/tokens instantly upon receiving ETH

Minimum goal - 2.2 Million USD ( 2000 ETH)

if minimum not met - Refunds will be issued via the smart-contract

Bonus List

ICO Rates and bonus

ICO Timeline

Important Dates

Contribution Rules

Contribution Rules

Send ETH from your personal Ethereum wallet (such as MyEtherWallet, Metamask, Parity, Mist or Ledger).

Set Gas Limit to 200,000

Do not send ETH directly. First, check the method to send. Information will be available on the Adblurb website as a video tutorial and on various social media platforms.

Do not send funds from exchanges like Coinbase, Poloniex etc.

Do not send your funds to the crowd sale before the ICO period begins.

ADBL will be sent immediately to the wallet from which the ETH arrived.

Before contributing to the ICO, please make sure you have read and agreed to our all legal and terms documents available on our website. Also, contact our team if you need further support in the token purchasing process

Supported Wallets

ADBL Anticipated Price Chart
Unlike other ICOs, Adblurb is very serious about ADBL price, ICO token growth will be made such us coin does get its original values instead of pump and dump. Undervalue and overvalue price is not suitable for Adblurb.
ADBL Fund Distribution Chart
Adblurb is Launching ICO to raise fund for the further development and the token distribution will take place mostly on Development, Audits, security and legal, Advertising and hardware upgrades.


  • 2017 Q3

    The team of Experienced and skilled developers get together and establish a goal towards solving the different problem in the advertising business and develop the one-stop problem solution to provide better, fast and secure network for advertising.

  • 2017 Q4

    Perform the advanced and detailed survey of the current advertising system, Core services, and future infrastructure services. List different problem and its solution for Adblurb network management.

  • 2018 Q1

    Adblurb Ico start - With 3 stage Pre Sale, Pre ICO, MAIN ICO 1 & 2. Start collecting the eth for the further Adblurb Development.

  • 2018 Q1

    Beta test on the main net development and adblurb ad-server development with analytic research on market.

  • 2018 Q2

    Adblurb token coin web and the mobile wallet application development and it's launch. It will allow everyone to check the Adblurb Transactions over the Adblurb explorer.

  • 2018 Q2

    Start the process to list Adblurb Token coin to all major exchanges. Start approaching the Publishers and advertisers for Adblurb platform.

  • 2018 Q2

    Allowing the Adblurb token trading on all the major exchanges. Enabling new adblurb asset(Customer data) to be leveraged in support of 3rd party business processes.

  • 2018 Q3

    Finally, The Adblurb Main Net Beta will be launched with all the services and functionality running 24*7 that will be easily reachable to everyone.

  • 2018 Q4

    Adblurb ios and android application development and it's launch. Along with web application, the user can access Adblurb network with mobile and other devices also.

  • 2019 Q1

    AdServer update for Adblurb dedicated to publishers and advertisers that will allow them to directly trade ads using Blockchain Network and maintain Adblurb network most secured.

  • 2019 Q2

    Collaboration with other leading companies for the adblurb. Building value through Adblurb-owned online properties and 'Over-the-top' services.

  • 2019 Q2

    Organic growth in the Future with adding new services to the Adblurb and embracing new products, additional revenue streams.

Adblurb EcoSystem

we'll add following Exchanges

Note- we do not guarantee to list of ADBL on all following exchanges, However, we will try our best.


ICO Listing


Companies with whom we'll work

FAQ- Learn more about Adblurb

  • Adblurb
  • ADBL Token
  • ICO
  • Affiliate
  • +
    What is Adblurb?

    Adblurb is the universal successor cryptocurrency for the Ad world based on ethereum blockchain using leading-edge smart contract feature. This currency will be used for electronically connected advertising transactions all over the world, substituting the traditional values.

  • +
    How does Adblurb ICO operate?

    • 1. Investor purchase token coin with the use of the smart contract.
    • 2. The purchased token will be generated as per the ICO period rate and bonus rate will be added to the final received amount automatically.
    • 3. The investor receives the ADBL token instantly.
    • 4. Investor can hold the token and use it for the trade or advertisement service of adblurb network after Adblurb fully launched.
    • 5. The investor can send Token to another person or trade on different exchanges after the Ico ended.

  • +
    Who can participate in the Adblurb ICO?

    You can participate in ICO if you are not a U.S. citizen, resident or entity (a U.S. Person) nor are you purchasing ADBL Tokens on behalf of a U.S. Person.

  • +
    Country of incorporation?


  • +
    Who makes the team?

    We put together a team of professionals with innovative thinking. Some of them are talented coders, while others have huge experience with numerous successful projects worldwide. Our team members always take training, improve their knowledge, skills as well as qualification. You can find more information in Team section on our website.

  • +
    What is your target audience?

    Adblurb is for everyone. Our motive is the strongest blockchain network should be used by everyone in everyday life that also can help to achieve some goal to make passive income while using it.

  • +
    What Social Media do you plan to use?

    We chose the following Social Networks for our ICO: Telegram, Bitcointalk, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Medium, Reddit.

  • +
    How do you differ from your competitors?

    Adblurb is unique and the first decentralized platform that facilitates trading Advertisement, E-commerce market, Fundraising, Micro-tasks processes by applying Smart Contracts and Blockchain technology in real time.

  • +
    Where do you plan to conduct first tests of this platform?

    That totally depends on the Adblurb team. we might take the survey and ask to vote for it to our users. Beta version will be ready in Q3 2018.

  • +
    Why did you choose ICO?

    ICO is an amazing way to draw attention. It is a perfect financial tool to attract investment for developing this unique blockchain platform.

  • +
    When will final Adblurb website be ready?

    Approximately 3-7 months from the time we reach funding target after finishing the ICO. Beta version will be launched in Q3 2018.

  • +
    What the Adblurb Campaign is on this network?

    User (Advertiser, Publisher, Referral, the user of Adblurb e-commerce or fundraisers) will have to sign the campaign that will be generated on smart-contract by the given input value for making clear terms and condition of the specified job.

  • +
    I would like to know more about this project. Whom should I contact?

    If you still have any question, feel free to contact our online support service. Ask the question in the chat or can contact us by any of the social media.

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